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I became aware of the beautiful Herdade Pero Viegas by coincidence. After a short and uncomplicated contact, me and my best friend planned our Portugal dressage adventure. We couldn’t have done anything better than choosing Herdade Pero Viegas. The horses were very well and highly trained – it was such a pleasure or let’s say it was truly an honour to us to have the opportunity. We have learned so much in just two days. The people, the horses, the farm and last but not least the peafowls created some unforgettable moments!
Katharina Strempfl, Styria/Austria
I wasn’t a very experienced dressage rider when I came to the farm and would have never imagined that I would be able to do flying changes at the end of my stay! With Patricia, I got the best teacher I could have wished for. Not to mention the beautiful and gentle Lusitano stallions, which are all so well-behaved and perfectly schooled. I cannot put into words, how much I appreciated my stay at Nuno’s place.
Thank you so much for making my days at your farm unforgettable! I will come back soon!
Lisa Biniosek, Switzerland
I had certain expectations and hopes for my trip to Portugal and Herdade Pero Viegas and the resulting experience far exceeded all of them. Besides having the opportunity to ride and be trained on sensitive and powerful Lusitanos, I met incredible people–with whom I hope to remain friends for a lifetime. There wasn’t a dull moment. We had the chance to explore a bit of the Portuguese countryside, visit the Alter Real stud farm, lounge at a lakeside taverna, take in a rainbow or 10. Seriously, it was like that. Just can’t say how much I enjoyed the experience, all of it and would recommend for anyone to travel here as long as you love horses, working lessons, three-course meals, and warm inviting company. Obrigada again, Herdade Pero Viegas!
Erin O’Malley, US
We had a great time with you and thank you again for your incredible commitment. Our high expectations to this 5-days private course have been topped widely. As dressage riders for many years we could not imagine to learn the working equitation in this time, but at the end we could ride all this we have watched on youtube before. Your horses are so fine ridden and highly trained for all this, it was pure joy and easy. Thanks to your didactic abilities and your aim to give us support for self support at home with our own horses, we got a lot of impulses/input that helps and changed our daily work. Your great humor and all these examples and stories also brought Portugal and the historical grown equitation culture in your country closer to us and we enjoyed this. We had so much fun together and learned a lot. Big „info-tainment“ and big chapeau!
Eva and Christoph Haug, Germany
J’ai passé de merveilleux moments en compagnie des chevaux et des personnes de la Herdade Pero Viegas et ai pu approcher de plus près l’équitation de travail, notamment grâce à Nuno Avelar et des autres clientes venues se perfectionner. Les chevaux école m’ont permis d’améliorer mes changements de galop. Sinon, j’ai aussi apprécié ma balade au milieu des arbres à liège, petite escapade fort agréable. Bref un séjour parfait : monter à cheval matin et après-midi et repos dans la fort belle demeure du domaine, en compagnie d’amateurs/trices de cheval…
Murielle Tille, Switzerland
It was a wonderful experience at Herdade Pero Viegas. My stay was very spontaneous and I did not regret it for a single second. The location was wonderful, the people were friendly and we did enjoy the ride on well trained horses. I hope we can come back one day 🙂
Anna Plamenig, Styria/Austria
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